Thank you for your interest in EnergyTrak!

This page is to help pros understand how EnergyTrak users work, and completing the form below is how to request your company’s first Pro user account. You can learn more about user types and getting started with EnergyTrak by watching the short video on this page, or in the EnergyTrak Install and User Manual.

Pro Admin

With access to all EnergyTrak features, Pro Admins manage Sites, Users, and Notifications for their business.

Pro Technician

A streamlined set of features provides installers with the tools they need to get systems operating quickly.

System Owners

These accounts are for users who are purchasing an EnergyTrak-enabled product and installing it at their site.

Request Your Company’s First Pro Account

This form is to request the creation of your company’s first Pro user account, a Pro Admin.

If your business already has a Pro Admin account, you do NOT need to complete this request form. Pro Admin users within your company can quickly create an account for you using the EnergyTrak app. See the EnergyTrak Install and User Manual for more information. 

If you are a SimpliPHI ESS or EnergyTrak system owner, please contact your service provider or our support team for help creating a System Owner account. 

Briggs & Stratton Consumer Support


In order to create your business’s first Pro account, we require the below information (*required):