SimpliPhi ESS

Power on your terms. On or off the grid. The SimpliPHI Energy Storage System (ESS) is an advanced, safety-certified system available for your home or business. The system is built with a 6kW inverterand the 4.9 kWh Battery, which leverages the Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) lithium-ion chemistry to deliver advanced-level power storage while running longer and safer. Innovative modular technology allows the system to independently scale power and energy storage capacity to meet your needs. From providing primary power to an entire home or business to simply holding power for times of outage, configure your system for true energy independence, peace of mind and reliable performance for real energy savings.

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Modular for Any Installation

Add batteries for longer-duration storage for multiple days of outages, or manage a smaller battery bank for minimal essential load backup and Time-Of-Use (TOU).

Sized for Your Needs

Separate components allow you to right-size a system to meet your needs, rather than being boxed into a pre-configured system.

Control Wherever, Whenever You Need

EnergyTrak Control System monitors your energy and gives you peace of mind that your system is doing its job.

Versatile Installation Options

IP65 rating supports all weather conditions for both indoor or outdoor installations.


No ventilation, cooling or thermal regulation required; 10-year warranty1

Leading Safety-tested System

High performance tested with batteries carrying UL 9540 certification.

One Call Support

Vertical integration simplifies installation, compatibility and technical support.

1See operator’s manual or for complete warranty details.


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Multiple Inverter Custom Battery Bank
Net Zero Homes, Off Grid: If you are looking to eliminate your utility bill and live as independently as possible, the SimpliPhi ESS allows for scaling of power and storage capacity independently. Up to 9 inverters (54 kW) and up to 350 kWh of storage.
1 Inverter 6 Batteries
Larger home or small business with essential (approx. 30 kWh) power usage and want to maximize utility savings and backup power.
2 Inverters 6 or More Batteries
A user who has numerous essential loads between 6kW and 250kW.
1 Inverter 4 Batteries
Single-family-home with essential (approx. 20 kWh) power usage interested in utility savings and/or shorter duration backup power.

*All specifications listed are typical/nominal and subject to change without notice.
**Engineered and Manufactured in California, USA
***BS1386 - 5/22