Reliable, veratile, easy-to-install backup power for your home.

The future of backup power is here. Imagine the peace-of-mind you will feel when storms roll into your neighborhood and you don’t need to worry about food spoiling in the fridge, the cost of frozen pipes, or your own personal well-being. Tailored to your household and monitored from the palm of your hand, a Briggs & Stratton® Battery Backup System provides a smart backup power alternative to a generator.

If you're interested in backup power but know a generator isn't right for you, the SimpliPHI 6.6 Battery System may be your perfect solution.

You might find it ideal if:

✅ Local noise ordinances prohibit using a generator
✅ Lot lines or other mitigating installation requirements prohibit using a generator
✅ HOA prohibits a home standby generator
✅ You don't have natural gas and can't install a propane tank
✅ You prefer an indoor installation
✅ You have a desire to add solar in the future
✅ You are interested in a zero emissions option


10.8 hours of backup power for essential 120V loads; outlets, lights, fans, internet, phone chargers, TVs & refrigerators

Recommended Package:
Sol-Ark 8K Inverter & 1 or more SimpliPHI 6.6 Batteries

* 50% of backup loads where the average continuous load is 1.23kW


14.5 hours of power for additional applicances & equipment of your choice

Recommended Package:
Sol-Ark 12K Inverter & 2 or more SimpliPHI 6.6 Batteries

* 75% of backup loads where the average continuous load is 1.23kW


16.4 hours of power for everything


Recommended Package:
Sol-Ark 15K Inverter & 3 or more SimpliPHI 6.6 Batteries

* 100% of backup loads where the average continuous load is 1.23kW

RapidStak™ Connectors

Power and communications come together in one connection. Batteries stack like building blocks without wires - for a compact, sleek look.

Versatile Installation Options

IP65 outdoor rating supports all weather conditions for both indoor and outdoor installations. Batteries can be ground or wall mounted.

Designed & Tested For Unparalleled Safety

High-performance tested with batteries carrying successful UL 9540A fire safety testing and certification to UL 9540 Edition 3.

Expanded Temperature Range

Designed for operation in regions with extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Control Wherever, Whenever You Need it

MySolArk App allows for system level monitoring and control, while the EnergyTrak app monitors your battery’s health and alerts you and your installer of any issues.

Warranty Coverage

10-year limited warranty on SimpliPHI 6.6 batteries.2

Your search for the perfect backup power solution is over.

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