With a true, wire-free design, the SimpliPHI 6.6 Battery might just be the industry’s fastest battery to install. We’ve actually timed it. Assemble a stack of 3 in under 5 minutes! Freeing up your time to install more systems. And, it’s not just saving you time. We’ve eliminated the hassle of battery installations. Our RapidStak™ connector includes all power and communications in one connection. No wires. No DIP switches. Minimal tools. Just a simple, building block-style installation.

RAPIDSTAK™ Connector

All power and communications in one connection. No wires. The RapidStak Connector is designed to eliminate installation errors. You simply can’t connect these batteries wrong.


Designed to install and scale like building blocks, allowing for 1, 2 or 3 batteries per stack, to meet each customer’s needs.

Truly Wire Free

Nothing to hide here. No wires. No pin outs. No DIP switches. Just easy-to-install batteries.

Versatile Installation

Install indoors or out. The system mounts easily on walls - or stacks compactly on the ground.


The SimpliPHI 6.6 Battery is outdoor rated, so no need for additional cabinets and accessories.

Choose Your Inverter

Seamless integration with Sol-Ark®, SimpliPHI® and other major inverters to meet your equipment preferences.

A Name You Can Trust

And, it’s from Briggs & Stratton. Finally, battery innovation from a company you’ve heard of. With over a century of power expertise, we are here to support you with design, engineering and service in the USA.

Click. Done. Your search for the perfect battery is over.

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