Make "Maybe Later" Happen Now

This purchase is too important to put off, so choosing to finance your generator provides peace-of-mind without breaking the bank.

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Enjoy Financial Freedom

With low rates, flexible terms, and top-tier customer support, generator financing* allows you to keep your cash and use it on other things —like a family vacation.

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Protect What Matters

Losing power can be extremely expensive and inconvenient. Whether you're working from home, raising a family or trying to protect one, backup power has never been a more important investment.

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Take Out The Guesswork And Hassle

Avoid sifting through numerous credit card options or taking out a home equity or business loan. With flexible terms and competitive rates, Synchrony™ works directly with Briggs & Stratton dealers to create the most attractive generator financing* packages for homeowners like you.

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Make A Confident, Comfortable Decision

Generator financing* with Briggs & Stratton offers the best of both worlds —the security, stability and expertise of a large national financial partner, and the peace of mind of knowing your financing plan is crafted and offered directly by your local dealer.

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