SimpliPHI® 6.6 Battery System

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Introducing the SimpliPHI 6.6 Battery—a revolutionary energy storage solution. In a world where time is of the essence, this cutting-edge battery is a game-changer, boasting an installation time of less than 5 minutes. Stack 3 units effortlessly to unlock nearly 20 kWh of compact capacity. Engineered for ease of installation, the SimpliPHI 6.6 features our revolutionary RapidStak™ connectors that simply click into place, eliminating the need for tedious wiring or DIP switches. And it's outdoor-rated, so no additional cabinets needed.

Backed by the trusted name of Briggs & Stratton and designed to integrate seamlessly with Sol-Ark® inverters.

To learn more, download our sell sheet and spec sheet.

Model Number:052015


Faster Installations

Our unique RapidStak connector includes all communications and power in one connection. Assemble a stack of 3 in under 5 minutes.1

Wire and Hassle Free

No wires, no DIP switches, no complications. Installation requires fewer tools and accessories, and less cost.

Scalable for Any Application

Designed for maximum versatility, each battery delivers 6.65 kWh.2 Stack 3 for 19.95 kWh in a compact footprint. Scale up to 6 stacks for 119.7 kWh of energy.

Versatile Installation Options

IP65 rating supports all weather conditions for both indoor or outdoor installations. No cabinets needed. Ground or wall mount.

Choose Your Inverter

Designed to integrate with SimpliPHI®, Sol-Ark® and other leading inverters, offering ultimate flexibility and faster commissioning.

Designed for Versatility

Use for back-up power, time-of-use utility savings, solar+storage, or off-grid power.

Validated to the Industry's Toughest Safety Standards

UL 1642, UL 1973, UN 3480, UN DOT 38.3, UL 9540 Edition 3 (in progress). Tested to UL 9540A.

Safer Battery Chemistry

Our lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery designs have been utilized for decades and proven in the harshest environments.

All specifications listed are typical/nominal and subject to change without notice.

Sol-Ark® is a registered trademark of Sol-Ark LLC.

1 Based on physical installation of a stack of 3 and battery controller.

2 Total energy measured at .75C discharge rate at 100% DoD.

3 Based on use and operating temperatures.

4 See operator's manual or for complete warranty details.

5 Designed and engineered in California, CA.

Briggs & Stratton has a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to modify its specifications at any time and without prior notice. Please visit energy.briggsandstrattoncom for the latest information.


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DC Voltages - Nominal
51.2 VDC
Rated kWh Capacity
MAX Surge Discharge Rate (10 Minutes)
240 ADC, 2 sec
300 ADC, 1 sec
MAX Continuous Discharge Rate
130 ADC
MAX Continuous Charge Rate
100 ADC
DC Voltage Range¹
44.8 - 56.8 VDC
Charging Temperature¹
-10°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C ~ 55°C for 1 month
-20°C ~ 45°C for 6 months
Self-Discharge Rate
<.03 %/month (shutdown/off)
Cycle Life
4500 Cycles @ 0.75C charge/discharge rate (@ 100% DOD)
IP Rating
IP 20 (IP 65 when installed)
125 lbs (56.7 kg)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Width - 28.6 in. (725.0 mm)
Depth - 6.7 in. (170.0 mm)
Height without Tabs - 17.3 in. (440.0 mm)
Height with Tabs - 18.9 in. (479.2 mm)
Wall Mount Dimensions (W x H x D)
28.6 x 60.4 x 6.7 in. (Full Stack)
Efficiency Rating
CAN, RS485 - Compatible with Sol-Ark, Briggs & Stratton
UL9540, UL 9540A, UL1973, UL 1998 + 991, UN 38.3, UN 3480, IEC62619
Maximum per System
Enclosure Material
Powder-coated Steel
Storage Humidity
0% - 95% RH
Maximum per Stack
Corrosion Resistance Rating
End of Life Capacity
Operating Humidity
0% - 95% RH
SaltFog Rating
Discharge Temperature
-20°C ~ 55°C