Sol-Ark® 60K-3P-480V Commercial Hybrid Inverter

The Sol-Ark® 60K-3P-480V commercial hybrid inverter is a powerful and versatile energy storage solution, specifically designed for large commercial and industrial businesses. This hybrid inverter enables commercial building owners to reduce high demand charges by optimizing solar energy usage, shaving peak demand charges, and participating in grid services programs for additional revenue. The 60K-3P-208V has ultra-fast 5ms transfer and backup power during grid outages, ensuring business continuity.

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Available Models: 60K-3P-480V


Perfect for Large Commercial & Industrial Business

Native 277/480V 3 phase output simplifies installation and reduces complexity for larger commercial and industrial buildings.

AC & DC Coupling Capability

Supports both AC and DC coupling, enabling seamless integration with existing solar PV systems and new arrays that simplify commercial installations.

Modular & Scalable Energy

Modular and flexible design allowing for easy expansion from 60kW to 600kW to accommodate growing energy needs.

Seamless Backup Power

Provides reliable blazing fast 5ms transfer and backup power during grid outages with 200A grid pass-through, ensuring business continuity.

Enhanced Safety Built-In

Integrated fire suppression features built-in to reduce installation cost and complexity.


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Model Number
Safety Features
PV DC Disconnect Switch, Ground Fault Detection, PV Arc Fault Detection, PV Input Lightning Protection, PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection, Surge Protection DC Type II / AC Type III
Rapid Shutdown Capable
Maximum Continuous Power
Maximum Output Power
CEC Weighted Efficiency
Parallel Stacking
Up to 10 in parallel
Warranty Period
10 Years
Battery Compatibility
Lithium iron phosphate
UL 1741-2021 (UL1741SB), CSA C22.2 No 107.1-16, IEEE 1547-2018 & 1547a-2020 & 1547.1-2020 (SRD V2.0), UL 1741 CRD-PCS, UL1699B, CEC, SGIP 4
Dimensions (W x H x D)
894 x 528 x 295 mm (35.2 x 20.8 x 11.6 in)
80 Kg / 176 lb.

1See operator’s manual or for complete warranty details.
All specifications listed are typical/nominal and subject to change without notice.
Engineered and Manufactured in California, USA.