Sol-Ark® Essentials 12K-2P Hybrid Inverter

The Sol-Ark® Essentials hybrid inverter offers a powerful and versatile solution for fueling your home with solar energy. The 12K-2P hybrid solar inverter enables you to create a partial home backup, supporting essential appliances and a wide range of other devices when you are off the grid. It can also power and charge your electric vehicles or generators and help reduce your monthly electricity bills.

To learn more, download the spec sheet and sell sheet, or visit Sol-Ark's website.


Partial Home Backup

When you’re off-grid, power the basics and a wide-range of appliances in your home.

Built-In Transfer Switch

For a less expensive solar energy system installation and it integrates with any AC power source.

Battery Agnostic

Capable of working with any 48V battery in the marketplace.

Up To 2X Military-Grade Reliability Option

Exceeds military-grade standards to keep working through lightning strikes and other military-grade weapons.

EV Home Charging

Charge your electric vehicle with the ability to load a single circuit.


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Model Number
Safety Features
PV DC Disconnect Switch, Ground Fault Detection, PV Arc Fault Detection, PV Input Lightning Protection, PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection, AC Output Breaker, 250A Battery Breaker, Surge Protection DC Type II / AC Type II
Rapid Shutdown Capable
Maximum Output Power
Instantaneous Power (100ms)
25,000VA @ 240V
CEC Weighted Efficiency
Parallel Stacking
Up to 9 in parallel
Warranty Period
10 Years
Battery Compatibility
Lithium / Lead Acid, 48V
UL1741-2010/2018, IEEE1547a 2003/2014, FCC 15 Class B, UL1741SB, CA Rule 21, HECO Rule 14H
Dimensions (W x H x D)
750 x 450 x 254 mm (29.5 x 17.7 x 10 in)
35.4 kg / 78 lb.
Installation Manual

1 See operator’s manual or for complete warranty details.
All specifications listed are typical/nominal and subject to change without notice.
Engineered and Manufactured in California, USA.