Expandable storage created specifically to be able to pair with the system you are designing. If you already have an energy storage system, the BOSS Cabinet can bring auxiliary battery power to your system. Each BOSS.12 System can hold up to twelve PHI-3.8-M Batteries to expand your system to a total of 25.6kWh. Encased in a carbon-steel enclosure the BOSS.12 Cabinet is NEMA 3-R rated weather-resistant housing for indoor or outdoor placement.

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Available Models: 053002


Weather Resistant Enclosure

BOSS Cabinets are rated to the NEMA 3-R Certification for indoor and outdoor installations. They include a corrosion-resistant fan that helps prevents the outdoor temperature from impacting the operation of batteries within the cabinet.

Certified Integrated Systems

BOSS Cabinets are a perfect complement to the AccESS integrated system. Both systems achieve a UL9540 and UL1973 certification rating when paired together.


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Enclosure Rating
NEMA 3R Outdoor rated
Maximum Contained Battery Quantity
Twelve (12) PHI 3.8 batteries
Free-standing or Pad-mounted
Built-In DC Connections
2 x 5-point Terminal Busbars, 3/8” lugs, 650 ADC
Charging Temperature1
32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
29.5” W x 76”H (w/feet) x 20” D
428 lbs (194.138 kg.) w/o batteries
Enclosure Warranty Period
2 years