Generators and battery storage provide more than just backup power. See other ways you can leverage energy solutions to enhance your life.

Residential Applications

Whether you are seeking relief from high utility bills, desire battery backup power to protect your home when grid power is unavailable, or do not have access to the grid and need electricity, we have a full range of on- and off-grid, non-toxic and reliable energy storage solutions to power your home. When the well-being of your home and family are at stake, you shouldn’t have to choose between their safety and energy security and savings. Our entire line of batteries uses a risk-free and environmentally benign lithium ion chemistry called LFP that does not pose any risk of fire or toxic fumes. Quite simply, our SimpliPhi batteries are batteries that you can live with.

Mobile Applications

With our portable energy storage solutions, you can take long-lasting, reliable power with you anytime, anywhere. PHI batteries power a wide range of mobile businesses and recreational activities, and the Little Genny and Big Genny self-contained battery-powered generators are ideal for first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, anyone looking to be prepared in an emergency as well as the film and broadcast industry.

Utility and Military Applications

Our collaboration with utility companies and the military is creating awareness and more accessibility to energy storage.

Humanitarian Applications

The single most important factor in bringing people up and out of poverty is access to energy. Former U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that renewable energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability. We are committed to achieving renewable electrification globally so that no person is left without access to power.


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